Put some Douglas fir into your projects!
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Our wood comes from the Bourgogne and High Beaujolais hills.

  • If you want Douglas fir...
  • If you're looking for wood for cladding...
  • If you make glued laminated timber...
  • If you are building with traditional methods...
  • If you build chalets...
- 50 % of our production is for building wood, traditional and industrial frameworks, cuttings for glued laminated timber. All this production is made to measure.
- 50 % of our production is for packaging, crate and pallet making.
Douglas fir
1791 - Discovered on Vancouver Island, Canada
1842 - Introduced into France
1872 - Planted in the Beaujolais, where the land is particularly well suited for it.

It has a good reputation for quality and reliability.

The Douglas fir is durable and naturally hard-wearing. It is the only common softwood which has both large growth rings and excellent mechanical characteristics.

Our Services
Pallet manufacture
Planing on 4 surfaces and profiling
Cut to size
Artificial drying
Treated by dip coating or in autoclave
Round beams
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